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Comments and complaints about elected or co-opted members

You can make a complaint if you think an elected or co-opted member has breached the council’s code of conduct.

The Council’s complaints handling procedure can be accessed here.

You should email details of your complaint to codeofconduct@knowsley.gov.uk or complete the complaints form (PDF) and send it to the Monitoring Officer, Huyton Municipal Building, Archway Road, Huyton, L36 9YU.

You must include the following details:

- Your name and address

- The name(s) of the member(s) you are complaining about

- Details of the behaviour involved, including when it took place and details of any relevant evidence or witnesses; and

- If you feel your identify should remain confidential. This would only apply where you can show that revealing your identity would make you the subject of violence or intimidation.

Public interest test

In handling your complaint, the Monitoring Officer will apply a two-stage “public interest test” as follows to determine what should happen to it:

Stage 1 - Is your complaint valid?

- Is the person you are complaining about covered by the Code?

- Did the conduct occur whilst they were in office?

- Is the conduct, if proven, of a type that would be considered to be a breach of the Code?

Stage 2 - Should further action be taken on your complaint?

- Is there sufficient evidence to support your complaint?

- Would further action be proportionate and in the public interest?

(Please note: At either of these stages, the Monitoring Officer may seek further information from you to allow a determination to be made.)

Once the Monitoring Officer has reached a determination, you will be informed of the outcome. This could involve no further action being taken on your complaint or it being referred for informal resolution or investigation.

For more information, Contact David Moran, Scrutiny and Partnership Manager via the following email address: dave.moran@knowsley.gov.uk.

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